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Here is a real vague and dirty list of features that I wrote down in my blog a while ago to remind me of what I wanted to get into ShellAnywhere. This list probably needs to be more specific so that it makes sense to more than just me.

1> links using xml instead of .lnk files

2> quick directory navigation using hotkey and arrow keys

3 > auto complete on files available in the current directory and any directories available through the path variable in the environment variables

4> pass additional parameters to any valid links like websites to links that open web browsers

5> maintain handle to all programs launched from shell anywhere for use later such as killing all of them

6> support massive logging options and bug report feature that sends related files and description back to server

7> use wpf expression blend 3 to fancify the visual layout

8> align folder navigation functionality with suggestion navigation functionality

9> allow user to view and set variables that affect the functionality of ShellAnywhere

10> support shell pass through to cmd, psh, and cygwin at a minimum

11> allow support for themes so that users can customize and share interface designs with a community

12> deploy with Click Once to ease distribution

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